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Fiji Time: 11:44, Monday 21st Apr 2014
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President abrogates 97 constitution

The President Ratu Josefa Iloilo has abrogated the 1997 constitution.

President Iloilo made the announcement in a national address this morning and he appointed himself as the Head of State.

President Iloilo also revoked all judicial appointments through a Presidential decree, meaning that the appointments of all judges, magistrates and judicial officers have been terminated.

The President also announced that he will now appoint an interim government and that the next general elections will be held by 2014.

President Iloilo said he will be making further decrees and announcements in the days ahead as he prepares to appoint an interim government.

The decrees announced so far after the abrogation of the constitution by President Iloilo are the abrogation of the constitution, his appointment as Head of State and the revocation of all judicial appointments.

In his national address which was aired live on Fijivillage just after 11 o'clock this morning, President Iloilo said he believes that the Bainimarama led interim government has performed extremely well, adhering to the mandate set out by him in January 2007.

The President said the interim government brought up new ideas, reforms and improved the lives of the ordinary people.

President Iloilo said that based on the Fiji Court of Appeal ruling, Fiji had no Prime Minister and Ministers and he said we cannot have a country without a government.

He said the government machinery has to run.

The President also pointed out that he has endorsed the People's Charter and 64 percent of the people have said that they want reforms, including electoral reforms.

Ratu Josefa Iloilo said three political forums have also been held so far and they are now getting ready for the President's Political Dialogue Forum.

He said they have to take decisive action to ensure there are reforms, including electoral reforms.

President Iloilo said these steps are crucial and they need to be done to ensure true parliamentary democracy in Fiji. Based on this, he said the interim government has to run for 5 years to achieve these objectives.



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